All types of Roofing

by | Apr 5, 2011 | General

Asphalt shingle is made of felt or fiberglass that is coated with tar and then covered with tiny stones that are glued onto the surface.

A wood roof requires a tremendous amount of maintenance. So it’s expensive to keep up. Over time, decay accelerates, the roof becomes unsightly, and it eventually fails.

Clay or concrete roofing tiles have their own set of problems, which includes water intrusion due to their porous make up. The roofing tiles become cracked by moisture seeping through the pores during the freeze/thaw cycle. Once the tile is cracked, water damage can occur before the homeowner realizes there’s a problem.

When steel is exposed to the elements, it rusts. The steel deteriorates and flaky red granules appear in the affected area.

As you can see, aluminum is by far the smart choice but will cost you upwards of 8 dollars per square foot. As for asphalt will cost you under 2 dollars per square foot. Aluminum is 4x the cost of an asphalt roof but will perform much better.

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