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Our company has been in the top charts for a while now when it comes to roofing services. We provide an excellent team of professionals providing a significant contribution to the roofing industry, ultimately resulting in high levels of customer satisfaction.


Gitano roofing is one of the best that you can get to ensure that your building receives the best roofing solutions. Although you have no hand in determining the strength and duration of a storm, you can always make sure that you and your family are well protected from the calamity.

Our company specializes in storm response roofing. We provide extremely trained professionals to condition your roof, based on the requirements of your location and your building’s age. Whether it is is an old building with a damp, leaky roof or is just aged and unsafe, Gitano roofing is your one-stop destination for all roofing solutions. Besides the externals, we also ensure that the skeletal structure of your shelter roof is well taken care of. Moreover, we have both installing and repairing facilities, making us a well-known establishment in the roofing Mississauga market.

Replacing or repairing your roof can change the entire outlook of your building

You might not always be equipped enough to judge whether or not your roof needs to be replaced. At times, it might work just fine with a few minor repairs here and there. In situations like these, you need the advice of an experienced professional who can guide you through your shelter’s roofing solutions.

We bring an end to your search with a strong team of trained and experienced professionals, equipped with the latest technology. We master in providing roofing solutions to you at extremely affordable prices and with maximum durability. Another advantage of getting your roofs modified from our company is that your needs and any dissatisfaction you may have will be taken care of promptly.

Highlights of our Roofing Services

The quality of the materials utilized by us cannot be doubted as they pass through several quality checks before being allotted to a particular building. Customer satisfaction always remains our top priority at Gitano Roofing. Moreover, the technology used and dedication with which our professionals do the job is incomparable to any other roofing service providers in and around the area.

Helping you choose reliable roofing services in Mississauga

Roofing is an essential factor that decides the stability of any building in case of a disaster or a natural calamity. It is vital that you take extra care while choosing roofing contractors in Mississauga or any other place


Insurance is a must

Like any other commodity, the roof of a building also deserves coverage against any damage caused by various natural or other reasons. Purchasing an insurance plan for roofing services of a building might look like an extra expenditure but will surely be helpful in times of crisis. While choosing roofing service providers in a Mississauga, the customer needs to make sure that a detailed insurance plan covers the services. The insurance policy’s premium rates need to be discussed well beforehand, and the documents should be clear to avoid legal or financial harassment.


Customer assistance and reviews

Many firms tend to leave their customers unattended once the payment is made even if there is a dispute in their services. The primary job of any service provider should be the satisfaction of their customers. The only reliable proof of a company’s claims about its services is what the customers have to say about it. And you need to confirm the reputation of your roofing service agency by looking out for as many reviews about the company as you can.


A written contract for the deal

Any verbal agreement does not count when it comes to settling a legal dispute that you might encounter during your service proceedings. It is for that exact reason you need to have a hard copy of the contract for the deal and have it signed by the firm’s representatives. In this way, you are not only maintaining the transaction records but also strengthening your stand.


Cost of services

Next up, the value of the services provided has to be permanently kept in consideration before going for a roofing service provider. You might not necessarily require an expensive solution that is way out of your budget. There are always providers that tend to your needs without costing you a fortune. Reputed companies like us can help you find the right roofing solutions for your home while taking care of your pocket at the same time.


The durability of roofing material

Nothing matters as much as the durability of materials used in the roof of a building. Make sure that you check the quality of the materials used. Be proactive about only going for reputed brands to avoid being brainwashed into using cheap products that might not even suffice. The durability of our services makes us one of the most trustworthy roofing companies in Mississauga.

What makes Gitano Roofing a viable option

We have been providing the best roofing solutions for an applaudable time frame, and our services are among the A-listed roofing services in Mississauga. The exceptional dedication of the providers and the superior quality of materials used is what leads to making us the best of our type. You might not find a company in the vicinity with as strong a customer assistant reputation as Gitano Roofing. Gitano provides professional roofers who are well aware of the local geographical and climatic conditions. They also possess unparalleled training to deal with any unforeseen circumstances to ensure that only the best services are provided to our customers. We guarantee our customers with the assistance of a professional team to deal with grievances, if any, at any given point.

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